Baumit KZP 65 Lime-Cement Render (25kg)
£9.94 + vat

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  • Baumit KZP 65 can be hand applied using appropriate tools. Small quantities can be mixed with a paddle mixer. For larger areas continuous mixers and mortar pumps or an all-in-one plastering machine provide a more efficient application of the product, The product should be mixed with clean water free of additives.
  • The minimum application thickness for a render basecoat is 15 mm and 3 mm for a topcoat.
  • Render thicknesses greater than 20 mm must be built up in multiple coats. Each coating must be allowed to fully cure (1 day/mm thickness) and the surface well keyed before receiving the following coating.
  • Adequate standing time is particularly important in low temperatures which slow down the curing process! Apply the render in two passes (fresh-in-fresh) on to substrates with high suction.
  • Any dubbing coats or levelling coats should be compatible in strength. Each render coat should be ruled off flat with a straight edge, filling in undulations to produce a flat and even render layer.
  • On hardening the surface can be float finished or scraped with a grid float in tight circular motions in preparation for receiving decorative topcoat renders or tiles.

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