BAUMIT NANOPORTOP WHITE TOP COAT K1.5mm, K2mm, K3mm (please call for more colours.)  25kg
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Baumit NanoporTop is a topcoat render for multiple building surfaces. It works on mineral basecoats, lime and cement render, mineral paints or coatings, gypsum plasterboard or external insulation with suitable basecoat. Baumit NanoporTop K1.5mm features:

Mineral-based topcoat render.
Exceptional weather, stain and pollution resistance.
Suitable for multiple external surface types.
Easy to apply by hand or machine.
Drying time of only 24 hours.
Typical use of Baumit NanoporTop
Baumit NanoporTop K1.5mm is a mineral-based topcoat render designed to offer maximum protection with ease of application. It has highly weather resistant properties alongside excellent permeability, stain resistance, dirt and pollution resistance. It requires temperatures of above 8C and takes 24 hours to cure properly. We recommend preparing surfaces and using a coasting of Baumit UniPrimer before applying Baumit NanoporTop. Mix well with a mixer and apply with either a trowel or render sprayer. Mix with a maximum of 1% water if necessary for easy application. Due to variations in batch colours, we suggest finishing entire sections of the building facade at once to avoid mismatch. Available to be tinted in various colours, please call for more information.



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